Calendar of Events for the 2015 School Year


    Chapel offering for August – School Supplies

  • August 6th, Thursday- Open House 6:00pm
  • August 11th, Tuesday- 3 and 4-year-old preschool begins
  • August 24th, Monday- Vision Screening (ages 1-4)
  • August 28th, Friday- Donuts with Dad 8:00-8:30am
    Mr. Gatti’s Spirit Day 11am-close
  • September

    Chapel offering for September – Canned Food Helping Hand

  • September 7th, Monday- Labor Day – Closed No School or Child Care
  • September 11th, Friday- Grandparents Lunch 11:00 am 2 yr. olds and 3 yr olds
    11:30 am 4 yr. olds
  • September 14th, Monday- Chick Fil A Spirit Night 5-8pm
  • September 18th, Friday- St. Judes Box-A-Thon 9 am- 2 yr. olds/ 9:30am- 3 yr. olds/10 am- 4yr. olds
  • September 25th, Friday- Johnny Appleseed Spirit Day
  • October

    Chapel offering for October – Canned Food Helping Hand

  • October 5th – 9th, Monday – Friday – Fall Break – No Preschool, Childcare open
  • October 20th, Tuesday- Mr. Gatti’s Spirit Day 11-close
  • October 24th, Saturday- Craft Fair
  • October 30th, Friday- Fall Party-All classrooms
  • October 31st, Saturday- Trunk or Treat-Candy donations welcome!
  • November

    Chapel offering for November – Adopt A Family for Christmas

  • November 12th, Thursday- Chick Fil A Spirit Night 5-8pm
  • November 23rd, Monday- Preschool in session to prepare for Feast Day
  • November 24th, Tuesday- Feast Day (2’s – 2nd grade)
  • November 25th – 27th, Wednesday – Friday- Thanksgiving Holidays – No Preschool
    Childcare is closed on Thursday & Friday